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"Powerful Mental Development brings you an understanding of personal power through the experience of meditation. You will find a new life through this book." Endorsement by Lynn Andrews, best-selling author of "Medicine Woman" and "Tree of Dreams"

"Powerful Mental Development"
How to Get the Competitive Edge in Life
by Roger Cantu

In Roger Cantu's book, "Powerful Mental Development", readers take a journey through the land of power, energy, and awareness. After many years of studying the teachings of some of the most enlightened people in our times, Roger Cantu has created a step-by-step guide to helps us gain control over our time, life, and mind.

This simple method encompasses an effortless practice of meditation and self-discovery. This method teaches the readers how to have an alert, poised mind, a happy mind, a relaxed and balanced mind. You will be more successful at work, in school, and in all phases of being.

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